Forms for Parents

Child Care Payment Assistance Program Guide

Child Care Payment Assistance Enrollment Forms

Parent forms

CalWORKs Stage 1 (Southern Alameda County)

  1. Academic Training Verification
  2. Adding a Child, Adding a Provider, or Changing a Provider
  3. Income Source
  4. Parent Change of Address
  5. Recertification
  6. Self-Employed Income Statement
  7. Self-Employment Verification
  8. Tax Transcript Form
  9. Verification of Employment
  10. Your Success Story

CAPP & CalWORKs Stage 2 & 3 (Oakland)

  1. Employment Verification Form (English) (Spanish)
  2. Eligibility Application (English) (Spanish)
  3. Parental Incapacity Form (English) (Spanish)
  4. Seeking Employment Plan (English) (Spanish)
  5. Parent Change of Address Form
  6. Self-Employed Income Log
  7. Self-Employment Verification Form (English) (Spanish)
  8. Tax Transcript Form
  9. School Training Verification Form (English) (Spanish)
  10. Your Success Story