Child Care Payment Assistance

Help paying for CCOverview of 4Cs Child Care Payment Programs

The child care payment programs (CAPP, CalWORKs Stage 1, 2, 3 and Foster Care) are designed to provide full or partial reimbursement of child care services on behalf of eligible families. The goal of these programs are to assist and promote the health, growth, care, development and education of children in Alameda County by providing child care, while the children's parents continue their employment, education, welfare-to-work activities, or other need for services such as seeking employment, seeking permanent housing, incapacitation or child protective services.

Parent eligibility is based on income and need. The current available programs are CalWORKs Stage 1, 2, and 3 and Alternative Payment. The state and Alameda County contract with 4Cs to administer these programs in our community.

4Cs has six programs that offer child care reimbursement:

Hayward Office (SOUTH COUNTY RESIDENTS)                      
(Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Union City, Newark and Fremont)

(510) 584-3101

  • CalWORKs Stage 1
  • County California Alternative Payment Program
  • County Foster Care Program


(510) 383-3582

  • Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) 
  • CalWORKs Stage 2
  • CalWORKs Stage 3

Download eligibility form in English and Spanish for Oakland payment programs


CalWORKs Programs

CalWORKs Stage 1: Parents new to the CalWORKs program usually referred to our agency from the County Welfare Department. 4C's can provide child care services to families who live in Southern Alameda County.

CalWORKs Stage 2: Parents are either still receiving cash aid or have been discontinued from aid within the previous 24 months. Families must live in Oakland and can transfer from Stage 1 or another Stage 2 agency.

CalWORKs Stage 3: If funding is available, parents transition from a CalWORKs Stage 1 or Stage 2 program on the first day of the 25th month after discontinuance from aid. Families must live in Oakland.

California Alternative Payment Programs (CAPP)

The California Alternative Payment Programs (CAPP) assists low-to-moderate income families to become economically self-sufficient by assisting them with their child care cost so they can work, go to school, seek employment, seek permanent housing, or if the child is receiving Child Protective Services or identified as at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

County Foster Care Program

This program is designed for Foster Parents to assist them with a portion of the cost of care. These families are referred by the County. Parents must reside in Southern Alameda County

County California Alternative Payment Program

This program is designed for families who are referred to 4C's directly by the County. The children are receiving Child Protective Services or identified as at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Parents must reside in Southern Alameda County.

Additional Options and Information

Parents living in Southern Alameda County wanting additional information on subsidized child care options can contact the 4Cs Resource and Referral department at (510) 582-2182 or visit our Tip Sheet on How Do I Get Help Paying for Child Care?. Not located in Southern Alameda County? Find your local Resource and Referral agency here for more information.