Free Provider Workshops

Setting Up for Success

Have you ever heard that busy children are happy children and happy children will make your job easier? An engaging and well thought out environment can be a major key to happiness and success. This workshop will show you options to keep children happy and learning in your family child care home setting.

This training will address:

  • Identifying developmental domains and achieving learning in all domains
  • Promote learning with interest areas
  • How do you adjust your home to accommodate learning for all children?
  • Decision making
    • Choosing materials for your learning environment
    • Cost effectiveness
  • What should you include for the individual ages of children in your care?
  • How do you engage children of different ages in learning while working with a mixed age group?
  • Safety issues inherent to mixed age group settings

 Register online or contact: Alison Mora,, 510.584.3114

Event Date 11-05-2019 7:00 pm
Event End Date 11-05-2019 9:00 pm
Registration Start Date 08-15-2019
Capacity 30
Available place -1
Cut off date 10-30-2019 12:00 pm
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We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Trauma 200

This session will help participants go deeper in learning and applying strategies to support children affected by trauma through the lens of an individual child. Participants will apply learning by developing individualized trauma-sensitive behavior plans for children with histories of trauma.

Participants will learn:

  • How to observe behavior, identify triggers, and determine the meaning of a child’s behavior
  • How to develop caring and attuned relationships with young children with histories of trauma
  • Trauma-sensitive strategies for arranging the environment in the home or early learning programs
  • TIP best practices and key strategies that support children’s healing and resiliency, and that strengthen protective factors

2-part series, designed especially for child care providers

You must attend the Trauma 100 to attend Trauma 200

*Participants who attend Trauma 100 will be given the opportunity to register for Trauma 200 after completing Trauma 100*

Register online or contact: Charita Bradshaw,, 510.584.3138

Event Date 11-09-2019 8:30 am
Event End Date 11-09-2019 3:00 pm
Registration Start Date 08-15-2019
Capacity 40
Available place 40
Cut off date 10-25-2019 12:00 pm
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Para Preescolares

Este entrenamiento introducirá a los participantes al sistema class™ instrumento de observaciones que se centra en la eficacia de las interacciones entre maestros y niños en las aulas. Los participantes aprenderán cómo identificar prácticas de enseñanza efectivas en videos de aulas reales. Este entrenamiento también es un gran repaso antes de la evaluación de QC.

Regístrese en línea o contacte: Erica Ortiz,, 510.584.3116

Event Date 11-16-2019 8:30 am
Event End Date 11-16-2019 12:30 pm
Registration Start Date 08-15-2019
Capacity 30
Available place 14
Cut off date 11-01-2019 12:00 pm
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每個孩子對周遭世界的看待和反應是獨一無二的。瞭解你所照顧的每個孩子的個人天生氣質 (又稱脾性) 將幫助你找到能應對和支持孩子們健康成長的策略。


  • 如何識別各種不同的天生氣質
  • 天生氣質如何影響孩子的行為、情緒和對改變的反應
  • 如何利用有意義的觀察來確認你所照顧的每個孩子的天生氣質
  • 利用這些發現來調整你的環境和例行照顧,以支持個別兒童的需求

報名請洽: Iris Lin,, 510.584.3117

Event Date 11-16-2019 9:00 am
Event End Date 11-16-2019 1:00 pm
Registration Start Date 08-15-2019
Capacity 45
Available place 39
Cut off date 11-13-2019 12:00 pm
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